T-Shirt Yarn Grading

Because each project is unique, we recently launched Tarn in various grades for your convenience. This allows you to make a more informed selection, based on what final product you had in mind. Tarn is an eco-friendly product from off-cuts of the South African fashion industry. It comes in a huge variety of colours and prints and is about 98% cotton and 2% stretch.

Premium Grade is a well-defined bobbin of ± 100 meters, which unwinds from the middle. There are no more than 5 knots (which will disappear into your fabric as you work). It’s the same colour and width throughout, with no glue or holes on the material, making it the perfect quality T-shirt yarn for any project!

Best Grade is ±100 meters of good quality Tarn, with joins, as opposed to knots. Colour may have inconsistencies, and width may vary. Although no quality check is done, it is still an excellent choice for a more creative project!

Crafters Cut is a 500g bag of Tarn off-cuts, making this the perfect choice for smaller projects like plug rugs and necklaces. Crafters Cuts will have one colour scheme per bag (either plain or printed). When you place an order, please specify what colour scheme you have in mind and we’ll take care of the rest.

So the verdict? Super easy! You choose the one that fits your project best and start creating something spectacular! We always love seeing what fellow creatives create with our Tarn, so please share your creation with us. Who knows, you might just win yourself a big hamper! 

P.S. We will be doing more blogs in the future where we will release free patterns, share our experiences, t-shirt yarn hacks and tricks, and anything creative. Also, if you have instaG, Facebook, or Pinterest – give us a follow and send us a message!

We would love to meet you! 

Love, The Tarn Team

August 02, 2018 by Janice Gutsche