Introducing Anchored Skills Development Centre - A division of Tarn!

Anchored - Skill * Develop * Create - A division of Tarn Yarn (Pty) Ltd

Out of the desire to leave a legacy, flows Anchored. We are passionate about our business model, making an impact in the local community by imparting skills that can be practically used to encourage job creation,  and also by developing mindsets that understand the business arena. and by creating products that are innovative, handcrafted, export quality and as far as possible environmentally conscious by using repurposed materials.

We offer workshops in a variety of different crafts, then invite those who have shown talent after completing the workshop to stay on as freelance crafters and develop their skill further whilst earning commission income by creating piecemeal items for sale by Anchored. The alternative is for the newly skilled crafters to branch out and create their own business.

At Anchored we are not just a business making beautiful quality products, we are a team of skilled crafters, working together to make a difference in our community through a love for people, color and creativity. If you would like to see more of what we do or find out how you can be a stockist of Anchored Products and support our cause further, then please feel free to come and visit us at 34 Bureau Street Humansdorp, South Africa, or email us at

For those not local to Humansdorp, Anchored products can now be purchased online from our Handmade Items page on the Tarnsa website.

August 11, 2017 by Janice Gutsche


Tarn {T-shirt Yarn} started out as a business idea between two sisters, and a dream to foster skills development training in the local community.What transpired over the next two and a half years was truly a blessing... Numerous magazine articles, television appearances, rapid growth of the brand and a loyal client base who became like family.

But growth requires change, and that change sometimes requires a new set of eyes.

After much prayer and thought about the direction Tarn was taking, the decision was made to sell.

The connections and fit with the new owners was simply unbelievable…And we are excited for the future of the business, in their hands.

We would like to introduce our clients to the new owner of Tarn: Janice Gutsche. Janice has a very similar heart and vision for the business, Tarn will continue its production as normal, but in a different location and is excited about investigating new colour ranges. She will also be using Tarn to do skills development training alongside the normal production of Tarn in Humansdorp at Anchored Skills Development Centre. (

Please be assured that Tarn as a brand will continue in look and feel as well as quality as before. We will introduce you to our admin staff soon! 

March 09, 2016 by Janice Gutsche